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Lecteurs anonymes

As a junction between the Maison de la Poésie et de la Langue française and our asociation, the workshops Lecteurs Anonymes offers young poets from Wallonia and Brussels some place where they can think about Writing as well as about their writings.

Open to every one that wants to have its texts confronted to his fellow writers, those free workshops can be considered as a recognition of their works, at least initially on a local basis.

Besides reading poetry the participants also share their tastes for other kinds of art (cinema, beau-arts, etc.) as well as their opinions and desires to write.

Moreover the peak of this workshop is a public reading of some of the participants during the Rhâââ Lovely Festival and the International Poetry Festival in Namur, every third week of June. Other readings also take place during the Printemps des Poètes in March.

Concerning the Rhâââ Lovely, three reading sessions will take place during the day, each time before a concert.