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Behind that country and fresh-aired name hide two concert surveyors that all of a sudden decided one day to put some music on. Putting some music on but still, not considering themselves dj's.

Indeed, as that term generally implies technics, electro/techno music and some kind of mixer's stardom, the only thing that's important here is the public. Try and have them enjoy the party, mixing some good rock 'n roll in all its forms!




Going from the classics such as Cramps to more modern stuff such as The White Stripes, to Body Count's tougher music or Pogues's festive folk. Surf, punk, rock, grunge, metal. Just rock 'n roll.

They have already performed at the Bear Rock Festival, the "Maison de la Culture" in Namur, the "Maison des Jeunes" in Evelette and also during the final round of the Concours-Circuit metal part. And also this year at the Massacré Belges release party and at the Easy Way Festival.

Every performance is original as the folks mix one after another, improvising and losing control all the time ! Be prepared to some goddamn rock'n' roll discharge!