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Gifted and hyperactive musician, Boris Gronemberger has played in several indie bands, such as Grinberg, The Grandpiano, Venus, Zop Hopop, Ishinabe and Chacda. He is still currently part of Raymondo and of French singer Françoiz Breut’s backing band.

Besides his many activities, he started developping a more intimate and personal project, V.O., with whom he played in particular at the Pukkelpop Festival and as an opening act for Sonic Youth at the Ancienne Belgique in 2000.




After a long four-year break, Boris gathered some friends of his own around him: his elder brother Dimitri (Grinberg), Frédéric Renaux (Grinberg), Julien Paschal (Chacda, Sharko) and Cedric Castus (Raymondo, Bow, Grinberg). The band started to play 'live' since August 2004 and its first album 'Pictures' was released in March 2005 on Matamore Recordings.



-) 2005 : 'Pictures' on Matamore Recordings.

Norman Records' point of view :

My CD of the Week is part of a bunch of CD's we got from the Matamore label out of Belgium. Its by V.O. and its called 'Pictures'. The first three songs are pretty darn stunning and mix together the sounds of Kings of Convenience, Brian Wilson, High Llama's and Gastr Del Sol into an intoxicating brew of dislocated acoustic pop. Really top quality songs and arrangements with lots of nods to some of our faves from years gone by like Eric Matthews, Witch Hazel Sound, John Cunningham - yeah that lot. Give it a try.




-) 2005 : 'Tape EP' on Sundays In Spring.




-) Wet, Windy and Cloudy, taken from 'Pictures'.

The entire 'Tape EP' released on the netlabel Sundays In Spring can be downloaded here for free!



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