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Guillaume Allory sings and plays drums and percussions and clap his hands and wanna play noise on bass and it will happen sooner or later.

Krystof sings and plays guitar and claps his hands and wanna travel to Granada or Copenhagen and it already happened.




Totenfest sings and plays guitar and do not clap his hands cause he can't play guitar at the same time and he wanna destroy turntables and maybe it will happen someday who knows.

Alexandre Morand sings and plays guitar and claps his hands but doesn't want to play guitar anymore so maybe he's gonna only sing and dance naked with a spoon in his beautiful ass.




After a first album (too much?) influenced by Mogwai and GY!BE, Absinthe (Provisoire) recorded a noisier, crazier and less scholar album. Think about a mix between Paul Newman, A Silver Mt Zion and Lowercase. It illustrates what the members want and reveal late at night, during endless and passionate alcoholic professions of faith: to reach craziness, unconsciousness and transe...

A sincere, moving band, sometimes humanly diverting and ununderstandable, but certainly one of the most punk and entertaining post-rock bands.



-) 2003 : 'Absynthe (Provisoire)' on Hydrophonics.



-) 2006 : 'Alejandra' to be released.



A few tracks are to be downloaded here and (most of all) there.



-) Official site.
-) Myspace.
-) Hydrophonics.