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loobke (b)
the first impression that comes to mind while listening to this flemish girl is depth. not sadness or melancholy but something that you build from broken relations, personal experiments. we could talk about bjork, piano magic or tara jane o'neil... and what if we rather simply talk about loobke? more info.


half asleep (b)
this duet is 20-year old valrie leclercq's musical project, assisted by her younger sister, oriane. minimal but sumptuous instrumentations, extreme slowness, half asleep's music gently sails between sadcore, aerial pop and folk songwriting. think about low or tara jane o'neil for the very special atmosphere, while her voice will remind you of movietone or julie doiron. more info.


millimetrik (can)
created in 2000 as a side project of his band below the sea, millimetrik finds pascal asselin from quebec city recording his own brand of ambient electronic and acoustic music. based on samples, virtual keyboards, field recordings and various beats, the result is always soft and minimal, at times reminiscent of a movie score. he also takes influence from recent collaborations with sylvain chauveau and yellow6. more info.


manyfingers (uk)
this 29-year-old man from bristol proposes an electronica influenced by his numerous activities. at the cello with matt elliot, as a multi-instrumentist in movietone, but also as drummer in soeza and crescent, chris cole can't remain inactive. a few hours before rejoining matt elliott on stage at the rh lovely, he'll show us what he can do... we expect the best! more info.


squares on both sides (d)
this young german explores wide spaces held together by simplistic guitars, silent arrangements, modest complexity and structures of reluctant singing. this tight collage of song structures, instrumental sequences and fragments ended up with croquet, his first album. after a few shows with xiu xiu or azure ray, here comes the bavarian for the first time in belgium! more info.


stafraenn hkon (isl)
olafur josephsson's music is personal and moving. it takes you away from everything. even if you could feel some passion for gy!be, tarentel or sigur ros in it, as stafraenn hkon is a solo project, the music becomes more intimate and sincere. this brother of soul and sensibility of aerial m, album leaf or durutti column uses a rhythm box, a guitar, a bass, some samples and many sound effects to build his world. and he does it with such quality that you cannot not dive into his reverie. plus d'infos.


matt elliott (uk)
after 8 albums mainly published under the name of the third eye foundation, this englishman from bristol confirms his evolution towards a tormented folk, owing as much to his electronica as to his taste for slavic & eastern european music. multi-instrumentist experimenter and historical figure in electronic music, matt elliott translates the dark and oppressive atmospheres from his former works. guitars and keyboards are getting softer, almost affectionate, sometimes overwhelmed by drum'n'bass beats that carry the song upward. choirs and echoes give an almost mystical dimension to the music. another cult figure at the rh lovely, for sure! plus d'infos.