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31knots (us)
31 Knots is one of these bands that do the term indie good. They kick against the heads of the rusted music industry, just when it was about to hole up and hibernate. Not by acting over the top arty, nor by fucking with every note of the octave, but by reconsidering whats good already. The way this threesome plays with old-fashioned rock formulas is remarkable. They are not afraid to subtly experiment with sounds, rhythms and the most infectious choruses. The result is a progressive touch that wanders through the veins of their songs. They'll present their last album Talk Like Blood at the festival.

65daysofstatic (uk)
Most who have tried to describe 65daysofstatic can merely hint at the depths these guys reach with their wide-open sounds, melding seamless guitar shapes with ferocious drum n bass styled beats, live drums and c-c-c-computer g-g-g-g-glitch. A soundtrack to a new dimension, where rock, dance and electronica are equals. A concert of 65daysofstatic is always: viciously euphoric, frenetic, overwhelming, bordering on chaos and really, really loud.

absinthe (provisoire) (f)
This band from Montpellier proposes noisy, crazy music evoking Paul Newman, A Silver Mt Zion and/or Lowercase. It illustrates what the members want and reveal late at night, during endless and passionate alcoholic professions of faith: to reach craziness, unconsciousness and transe... A sincere, moving band, sometimes humanly diverting and ununderstandable, but certainly one of the most punk and entertaining post-rock bands.

charlottefield (uk)
Instead of focusing on the vocal onslaught's sheer violence of this English band, immerse yourself in the deep melody underneath it all. Where this influence originates is anyone's guess. Some point to The Fall, but its not an obvious comparison: the band possesses one of the tightest and most expressive drummers around, and the bass often stands aside to let the guitars have their say. And those guitars? They chime like angels and rock like bastards. They also have at least one of their collective feet in the math rock camp. Who said Slint? An exclusive show in Belgium!

deerhoof (us)
There are many avant-garde elements in the songs of these Americans: noisy guitar figures, beeping Casio lines, periodic bursts of drum clatter, tinny bedroom production, or singer Satomi's singsong vocal delivery. But what's particularly remarkable is the way they unleash an effervescent childlike energy. Between 1997 and 2005, the band released six albums, the most recent being The Runners Four, which will probably be (re)visited a lot at the Rh Lovely!

grails (us)
At first glance, you'd assume these Americans have an incurable GY!BE obsession. But it quickly becomes clear that there are subtler things at work in Grails' music. There is a definite theme throughout their experimentations, which manifests itself in exciting songs with elliptical structures and instruments being pushed to the point of abuse. What makes that such a successful distinction from all the other GY!BE-alikes is that Grails' experimentation doesn't distract them from making their songs have punch, and decent enough melodies to carry the crescendos. They've been away from our land for two years, so don't miss them!

i love sarah (b)
I Love Sarah, that's Rudy Perdu playing the guitar, saxophone and also doing some eastern vocals. It's also Jani Jani playing drums, percussions and doing some eastern and western vocals. I Love Sarah plays muzaknoise. Or, in other words, anti-pop. What the f*** is that? Well, why don't you come and see by yourself?

piano magic (uk)
This English "revolving door" band visited a plethora of sonic stylings, from smallbeat Kraftwerkian "Meccano Pop" on their debut album, to the breathless, ethereal, multi-layered melancholy of their last releases. The exquisite 'The Troubled Sleep Of Piano Magic' and 'Disaffected', their last two albums released in 2003 and 2005, are perfect examples: delicate vocals, glistening guitars, insistent drums, anthemic synth washes. They've outlived several of the labels they've recorded for and show no signs of stopping. That's for sure what they're gonna prove at the Rh Lovely Festival, for this exclusive Belgian show!

picastro (can)
There is something savage, dangerous and attractive by these Canadians, which slips under the ice and constantly threatens to absorb us. This nine-year-old project, installed around the central personality of Liz Hysen, takes place somewhere between the mystery of Rodan and the subtlety of Sonora Pine. One also thinks of Movietone, without the firedamp explosions. Their music evokes the filtered lights of autumn, the declining days, the leaves piling up on the ground and gently rotting. A certain latent discomfort made alive by the tension which fights it. This April, the band will be for the first time in Belgium!

stinky squirrels (b)
These two Belgians, concert surveyors, mix rock'n'roll in all its forms: surf, punk, rock, grunge, metal. The two folks mix one after another, improvising and losing control all the time! Be prepared to some goddamn rock'n' roll discharge!

this is your captain speaking (aus)
This trio from Melbourne is the leader of the pack among Australian post-rock releases for the year. Their debut album 'Storyboard' has earnt critical acclaim, with critics declaring Storyboard 66 minutes of pure musical bliss, one of the most well crafted albums in recent history and a masterpiece in its own right. Reviewers have consistently compared the band to the likes of Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Sigur Rs, Explosions in the Sky and Ennio Morricone. As a support to the release of Storyboard on Resonant, the band will play at the Rh Lovely an exclusive show in Belgium!

v.o. (b)
This Belgian band is built around Boris Gronemberger, talented and hyperactive musician also member of Raymondo and of Franoiz Breut's backing band. Their music is close to a parallel world which would connect Gastr del Sol and David Grubbs to some of the more traditional formats visited by High Llamas. Purely pop freshness at the Rh Lovely Festival, what do you say about that?