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toman (b)
for this flemish quatuor, think of american analog set meets explosions in the sky. add old analog synths, an organic sound and hermetic texts, and that's it! they'll be presenting their first ep, to be released right before this very first concert in wallonia. more info.


milgram (f)
trio from dunkerque, france, playing some speedy-but-melodic math rock, in the same way as shellac or don caballero, a sort of musical cut-up influenced by traditional rock music as well as contemporary musicians like steve reich or philippe glass. they'll make us discover expensive record(s), recorded in chicago with bob weston (shellac). more info.


red sparowes (us)
these americans, members of bands isis, neurosis and halifax pier, are epic without bombast, heavy without a single bar-chord riff and eviscerating without any clearly audible vocals. the sum total of their sound, however, stems more so from blast first and too pure than the fierce realism of the aforementioned cabal of heavy-psych rock. more info.


amnesia (b)
the band just splitted, so their concert is unfortunately cancelled. they are replaced by amnesia, a sextet from andenne playing a gy!be-and-sigur-ròs-influenced post-rock. more info.


dreamend (us)
even though fundamentally post-rock, this band from chicago is everything but instrumental, the vocals playing an important role in their songwriting. the acquaintance with mogwai or explosions in the sky is real, but dreamend wanders as well towards a certain dreampop and evocates radiohead or the early mercury rev, through some emotional and elegiac atmospheres. for the first time in europe! more info.


the durutti column (uk)
vini reilly prefigured ten years before a movement pretentiously called "post-rock". he is the passionate soul that you cannot think of without thinking of a unique and uncompromising musical project: the durutti column. during the eighties he releases a series of beautiful albums, imposing the master's touch with consistency: an unheard guitar technique held to cyclic drummachine rhythms or to the jazzy variations of his accredited drummer bruce mitchell, sometimes swimming through vini's depressed/depressing voice. an inevitably exceptional concert... after 22 years of absence in belgium! more info.


hood (uk)
for the adams brothers, the adventure begins round leeds in the early nineties. at first fans of sonic youth or pavement's indie rock, they soon put their eyes on electronica jacks-of-all-trades like aphex twin or autechre. their large amount of albums testifies of the band's fabulous ability to digest various influences, even going hiphop with clouddead. after some missed invitations to the rh‚‚‚ lovely the band is finally coming! to our great pleasure and pride... more info.