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Souvaris is 5 people from Knebworth/Nottingham/Exeter, England . They first came together in Autumn 2000, and after several months of dallying with names, songs, and the vague possibility of being a real band, they finally committed to the idea in August 2001, playing their first show in Coventry to a largely indifferent audience of drunken 16 year olds waiting impatiently for a Rage Against The Machine cover. Things soon improved, though: invitations to play at Rough Trade's Sunday afternoon London showcase, RoTa, a further London date with Rothko, a show with the Workhouse in Oxford and airplay on the legendary John Peel Show encouraged the band to smarten up and look sharp. This culminated in September 2002, when the band released a debut 12 on Telesphere recordings, augmenting this pleasure with support slots for Explosions In The Sky on their first UK tour.



Since then Souvaris has put out one further release, a split 7 with the Workhouse on Awkward Silence Recordings, and played shows with the Halifax Pier, Matt Elliot, Saloon and Pram. Their debut album, I Felt Nothing At All, was recorded during the hottest week of the decade in August 2003, and comprises of four lengthy tracks influenced in turn by Sonic Youth, Stars of The Lid, Neu!, Explosions In The Sky, Boards of Canada and Steve Reich. With a high level of interest from independent labels worldwide, we can expect to see it released imminently. As well as at the Rhâââ Lovely Festival, you can see Souvaris this Spring in Paris, Reims, Lille, Martigny in Switzerland, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux and Nantes.



-) 2002 : 12" on Telesphere Recordings.

-) 2002 : 1 track on the compilation Audioscope02, a benefit cd for caritative Shelter.

-) 2003 : CD-R on Homoerotic Records.

-) 2003 : split-7" with The Workhouse on Awkward Silence Recordings.


-) 2004 : 'I Felt Nothing At All'.

A Découvrir Absolument's point of view :
[...] Recorded live, this album is absolutely brilliant. From 'be that lives to telephonic only !' to 'phil collins', both excellent tracks, Souvaris confirms all the good that was thought about them. Just to set the scenery, let's say the band   goes from Mogwai on the one side to Explosions In The Sky on the other. Still, the quintet has built its own sound through loads of instruments as the glockenspiel, the piano, the saxophone, the trumpet. that give another dimension to their music. Let's say it from the start: once you'll have listened to 'be that lives', you'll never be able to do without it... This title acts like a drug and its simple yet hypnotising melody will bewitch you.
[...] Souvaris, with a bit of luck, may be that terrific band that was missing on the English scene, the very same band able to take evrything over and blow some fresh blood through a music that would rather tend to drown than to stand up. That is all we wish for them and it is easy to observe that this first album will lead them straight to the top. With only four tracks those lads have seduced us and convinced us they are "ze next big thing." Well done.

Vinz - site.

Infra Tunes' point of view :
Souvaris is a talented band that is worth talking about! [...] Right from the start it's a real surprise! First, let's make it clear: it's post-rock with guitars, bass and drums. The result is thus logically close to bands like Mogwai, Set Fire to Flames or Do Make Say Think. The structure of the songs would be more like  Godspeed's, with long 20-minute tracks. Twenty minutes for sweat and adrenalin to take us through long and intense guitar risings, ending with the excitement of the drums until exhaustion. To talk about the atmosphere of the tracks, let's say it's quite close to the latter GY!BE, not really gloomy, nor sad, just incredibly intense and catchy, mysteriously bewitching. The sobre brass and xylophone on 'Phil Collins' or the keyboard on 'Nothing of How to Live, Only to Get and Get and Get' accompanied with this terrific drums are there to prevent me from lying. Four master-pieces then for a band that has already played with Explosions in the Sky, Hood and Matt Elliott.




-) We Cannot Help But We Can Agree.
-) Be He That Lives To Telephonic Only !
-) Nothing Of How To Live, Only To Get And Get.



-) Official website.
-) Interview of the band on the website A Découvrir Absolument.