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photo 1


Simon de man

Two trips. One same look. Freeze a moment at the bend in the street, capture the glance that stands off. This is my philosophy. Without any pretention I want to offer the spectator a certain vision of life, far from too postcardian clichés.



Whether in the middle of the street or in the middle of nowhere there is always some detail to be centred, some light to immortalize. There is always an occasion, a reason to release the shutter.

Putting side by side modern civilization and ordinary life from the back of beyond may seem incongruous but in the end... who is the happier, the citizen and his wild rhythm or the child in the village who has never seen a telephone? Casting a glance through those children's eyes sometimes is just enough to understand that nothing in the world will never take their laughs and hopes away. We often lack that capacity of enjoying simple things.



I sincerelly hope that you will appreciate those pictures. Never would I have imagined to see them on show but life often has some surprises in store for us... Enough to keep some glitter in our eyes, as in those of these little Senegalese children.