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raymondo (b)
project of christian nolf, ex-sexytiger. signed on matamore recordings, the album is soon to be released (march). the band will come and take us on its songs quite close to idaho, jim o'rourke, the sea and cake or karate.

tom sweetlove (b)
instrumental sad/happy band from liège. delicate and muffled, their music, besides the habitual instruments, harbours some organ, xylophone as well as different percussions.

arca (f)
french band initiated by joan cambon and sylvain chauveau, and inspired by music, cinema, literature, photography and daily sounds from the occident. they create melancholic echoing landscapes through warm alectronic sounds mixed with the piano and the guitar.

souvaris (uk)
english quintet born in 2000 and influenced by turns by sonic youth, stars of the lid, neu!, explosions in the sky, boards of canada and steve reich. their first european tour will be the best occasion to have us discover their brand new four-song album 'i felt nothing at all'.

berg sans nipple (f/us)
shane aspegren (lullaby for the working class, songs:ohia) and lori sean berg (purr, don nino) come together with this project around different weird keyboards (from würlitzer to casio), heartbreaker themes and melodies and a beautiful drum kit from 1922. a real molotov cocktail on stage!

explosions in the sky (us)
these guys from texas strike like some thunderbolt, mixing atmospheric and imposing post-rock à la mogwai and gy!be with a hint of punch and immediate freshness taken from indie bands like seam, mineral or appleseed cast. the big deal here is their ability to introduce spontaneaty, immediate emotions and punch in a spacy post-rock sometimes a bit too mannered.

migala (esp)
spanish band, acuarela's spearhead, whose superb melodies could remind us of either tindersticks or lambchop for the atmospheres, the orchestration and the spleen that comes out of it. migala decorates its music with some noise guitars confering it a kind of post-rock dimension. this exclusive concert in europe is driving ahead of their new album.

shipping news (us)
this cult quatuor from chicago hides in itself a.o. two former members of rodan: jeff mueller (june of 44) and jason noble (rachel's). todd crook and kyle crabtree join them to complete the band. their non-instrumental (!) math rock is a mix of guitar melodies, complex bass and abstract minimalist lyrics. the band is to come and introduce us their new album through this exclusive concert in europe.