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The story of Manta Ray begins in 1994 with the EP "Escuezme", on Subterfuge. You can hear there a raw noise rock with some bluesy touches, like Afghan Whigs and Come, for ex., did (really well). Their debut eponymous album (octobre 95) shaked the Spanish independant world, comforted moreover by the caustic stage perfomances of the band.

They then ran over the country and even play in other countries and it's on this occasion that they met in Toulouse the best European rock band of the nineties, Diabologum. From this meeting comes out a split ep, "La Última Historia de Seducción", on which both bands teach one another knowledge and music. That was also a good excuse for a join tour both in France and in Spain.

In 1998 came out "Pequeñas Puertas que se Cierran, Pequeñas Puertas que se Abren", a cataloge presenting their new ambitions as well as their open minding. That summer they played at the Benicàssim Festival, with a.o. Yo La Tengo and P.J. Harvey, where famous stars like Sonic Youth were said to have been impressed by their over-powered concert: they've grown up and it's a pleasure to see them.



All this naturally gives out on the designation of Manta Ray as 'best live performer of the year 199X', year after year in the independant press (a.o. Rock the Lux magazine). What shows clearly that Manta Ray is one of the most important band in the Spanish indie history (along with Migala, the only other Spanish band to be known outside Spain).

Then they recorded a single for the Dutch radio VPRO but 99 was also the year of release of two kind of weird albums, "Score", sort of a movie record recorded live at the 36th Gijón Film Festival, and "Manta Ray Vs. Cosmos", a remix album by the Cosmos crew.

Manta Ray didn't stop there: in 2000, they released "Esperanza", and went further into their experimentations... In order to do something a bit different, they released one year later "Heptágono" with Schwarz, a really good psychedelic band from Murcia, and other side-projects were then on the road.



Hence for ex. Viva Las Vegas, duet between José Luis García and Frank Rudow, a minimalist and experimental exploration (yet always with some bluesy touches) that released a split-cd last year and played with Chris Brokaw, from Come. As far as Come is concerned, going on stage to play with Thalia Zedek (the singer of this mythic band), all went so well that she invited them to finish touring with her, in all Spain, to end up in Benicàssim.

Back for the band, Manta Ray goes backwards to jump further: they are signed on the famous Acuarela (Migala, Mus, Aroah...) and release "Estratexa", a beautifull rock album (nearly punk!), closer to Suicide, to Trans Am's math horror rock and to the genious duet Programme than to the indie rock of the nineties. Their European tour for this release will then go through Belgium and the Rhâââ Lovely, with our great pleasure!



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