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Vandal X is a duet that produces more noise than than the average noisy quartet. The idea is quite simple: one guitar, drums, a voice and samples. But the result is prodigious!

The band began as an "amusing" side-project of Flipo Mancini (whose first album may soon be available) in 1995, but Bart Timmermans and the first drummer, Jo Boes, soon found themselves a public and places where to perform in Belgium and in the Netherlands.



Their first album, "Little man's blues" was recorded with friends in a small local studio but the the second one, "Songs From The Heart", was recorded by Master Steve Albini, in Chicago. They were both released on Labelman. In 1999, Jo quits the band and it's now up to Dave Schroyen to assume the drum section.

This noisy band from Limburg has just released its third album: '13 basic hate tracks' (also on Labelman), recorded by Bas Remans (Millionaire) in different rehearsal "cellars" on a 16-track.



Always "louder than anyone" with punk, hardcore as well as metal influences and an excellent live reputation (they played with Girls Vs. Boys, Ministry, Victims Family Melt Banana, Fugazi, Tomahawk,...), Vandal X is now up to frighten the audiences with their "hate tracks"...



-) 'Little Man's Blues', lp, Labelman.


-) 'Songs From The Heart', lp, 1999, Labelman.


-) '13 Basic Hate Tracks', lp, 2002, Labelman.

Music Planet's point of view:
Vandal X, the lively noise band from Belgium doesn't need anything. There's murder in the air. Under every form, above all the musical one. As if aggressive acid was flowing down the baffles and the house was suddenly shaking on its foundations. Screaming that have your curious neighbour think that this time, your partner won't survive the argument. Gloomy clouds, acid rains, every drop made of hate concentrate is being spilled, destroying every life embryo under its soiling. If this is the end of the world, then Vandal X is the leader of it all.
Impossible not to love it.

Music Planet.

Musiczine's point of view:
(regarding their concert at the Pukkelpop 2002) [...] Same thing for Vandal X, a duet from Limburg (guitar, drums) who doesn't need more to fire up a Main Stage Their album is called « 13 Basic Hate Tracks » : a bloody title for a bloody surprise, moreover at this time of the day (1pm).




-) Tout Partout.