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Sweek gave its first concert in 2000. The different personalities that compose the band come all from different musical backgrounds: classical, rock, blues, folk... Sweek's music was first resolutely pop and accompanied with a singer but then turned into an atmospheric post-rock alternating moments of tension with moments of relaxation.



The year 2001 saw the coming-back of the voices on certain tracks (on top of the samples) and 2002 enriched the band with the melodies, sometimes gloomy sometimes warm, of a cello. Finalist of the Concours-Circuit 2000, Sweek receives different prices: the Infony Price, the public Price and the price of the French Community of Belgium.



They were present at the Dour Music Festival 2000 and then went on with some concert across Wallonia (e.g. Ward'In Rock Festival, Rhâââ Lovely Festival, Quasimorock, ...). In studio since the end of 2001 they are up to release their first album of which they gave a foretaste with their two-track promo cd (broadcasted a.o. on Rock A Gogo on Radio 21) They'll be there at the Rhâââ Lovely to present it to us!



-) 'Demo 1' : first demo, autoproduction.

The Ticket's point of view:
Strange band as Sweek is, the surprise of the last Concours-Circuit. The fancy of their fans is such that one may have the impression that Sweek plays a tout glam-rock for spotted teens. Yet, we are far from the show and glitter...
Indeed, at local gigs, the five members of the band melt their sweats with their young fellows of Quiet, also finalists of the Concours-Circuit. But Sweek is above all an instrumental post-rock band which creates Mogwai-Dirty Three like atmospheric atmospheres. A classic violin leads three guitars, drums and different samplings (nature sounds, speakers, children voices...) unto a sound trip bound for great landscapes. A no-comeback crossing rhythmed by noisy storms.

Mister Soup - The Ticket.


-) 'Dour New Grass 2001' : compilation with some tracks by Walloon bands that were present at the Dour Music Festival 2001. With 'Blue Garden'.


-) 'Breathe Until The Dream Ends Flying' : 2-track promo cd preceding their first album.

Webzine Nameless' point of view :
(speaking about their concert at the Boutik Rock on february 28th, 2003) What a discovery was for me the concert of Sweek. This (almost) instrumental post-rock band, close from Mogwai, Do make say think and all the others, played a terrifyingly powerful concert in a more than full venue, a true auditive orgasm. Their strength is in a perfect mix between a noisy classic guitar-bass guitar-drums trio, and a sometimes caressing, sometings tearing violin-cello couple. A must-see (again), asap.

Georgia - Nameless.



-) Official website.