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A December Lake is a young Dutch-speaking quartet coming from Zaventem. The band was founded in 2001 by Ulrike (bass & guitar) and Wim (guitar and electrothings). Nil comes by the end of the same year adding drums to the duet and, some months later, Thomas, from Antwerp, gives the band its actual form.



One could qualify their instrumental and atmospheric music as an indie-tainted post-rock with, why not, a bit of electro here and then.



-) Demo, 9 tracks in 2001.

Bear Rock Zine's point of view:
There's always something exciting for a post-rock lover when discovering a new post-rock band, especially when it's a Belgian one.
A December Lake, an instrumental post-rock quartet, that we may classify in the noisy branch, comes from Brussels, and its youngest musician is up to turn 18. Its most important influences are Mogwai, Tortoise and Warp Records.
After the excitement comes the listening and it may sometimes be boring just after a few seconds. This is not the case here as you can get into the demo quite easily and not drop out of it before the end. The nine tracks prove that the band has already got into its stride. The band also avoids the typical traps as, for ex., the too evident and systematic contrasts between noisy and quiet moments.
The only let-down is that the band could be a bit more daring. The only thing that could make an unavoidable band out of them. We will then wait for the next release, saying "to be continued!" Anyway, this is not bad at all, look at the title, it's only a demo.

Mika - Bear Rock Zine.