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15 Mai - A Whisper In The Noise + Mosquito + He Died While Hunting @ Magasin 4 (Bruxelles)


En collaboration avec le Magasin 4



entrée : 8 €
doors : 19h00
infos : + magasin 4

adresse : avenue du port 51b - 1000 bruxelles


He Died While Hunting (b) _ 19h30

With acoustic and electric guitars, loop stations and rhythms sounding like an old clock or tribal dances, timid and haunted vocals, he died while hunting delivers a minimalist folk electronica post everything but post nothing, but surely embarks listeners on a sensitive and emotional trip.


Mosquito (b) _ 20h20

Mosquito is a Belgian rock band formed in the summer of 2008. Kevin Imbrechts plays the guitar, Nico Kennes is the drummer and writes the lyrics. The band is most known for its live performance. Having played venues all over Europe this year, such as Botanique (Brussels), The Rambler (Eindhoven), The White Lion (London) opening for Wino, Radical Slave and Psycho 44 among ohters, the band also started getting more media attention, appearing in De Morgen, Het Nieuwsblad, on Ring TV, Radio Scorpio ...


A Whisper In The Noise (us) _ 21h15

A Whisper in the Noise is a musical project formed in 2002 by rock composer West Thordson. Centered in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, United States Twin Cities metro, the group is known for their dark sound and unique instrumentation, as well as their effective live performances. Eschewing the more traditional use of guitar or heavy keyboards that might be associated with the band’s umbral sound, the instrumentation of A Whisper in the Noise has included the cello, violin, French horn, synth/electronic ...