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Tomān is an old Persian currency still used in Iran, but also a young west Flemish band consisting of Jens, Wouter, Lode and Bram. If you love namedropping, think of the American Analog Set meets Explosions in the Sky. The guys fancy old analog synths and an organic sound. Voice is an instrument just like a guitar and the texts are hermetic.

The setup is basic (2 guitars, bass and drums), with the addition of analog keys. Tomān loves tension build-ups and eruptions, subtle arrangements… while still staying down to earth blokes. It's only post-rock, you know.




After having released 3 non-official demos and played some nice support acts for bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Twinemen, Windsor for the Derby and The New Year, Tomān will release his first official disc in April 2005.

The single 'Red White Tears' from Malin Head has been played at both Studio Brussel (Duyster and Radar) and Radio 1 (Belgian national radio stations) and got nice comments. The Dutch musiczine Oor made a review of Malin Head, which is something they very rarely do for EP's! "It is unbelievable that this west Flemish quartet has no record or distribution deal."




In September 2004 the band set off for a small tour in Spain, and they also played in France, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

Their first release –an EP– was recorded at home, with a cup of coffee and a comfortable bed. They like to do everything by themselves, from the recording to the mixing, from the artwork to the video clips.

Can you believe that until then they never played in our Wallonie ?



-) 2002 : 'Yeti' demo.


-) 2003 : 'Malin Head' demo.



-) 2004 : 'It's important for the experiment that you continue' demo.




A few tracks are to be downloaded here, here and here.



-) Official site.