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Sleeping People is an instrumental rock band from San Diego, California. The group is currently signed to Temporary Residence Limited. The group formed in early 2002 and began playing shows by the end of that year as a trio with Joileah Maddock and Kasey Boekholt each playing guitar, and Brandon Relf on drums. In August of 2003 they became a 4-piece with the addition of Kenseth Thibideau (Pinback, Rumah Sakit, Tarentel) on bass guitar.




Scrapping most of the old material, they honed their sound to become a more robust version of the previous line-up. At the end of 2004 Joileah left the group and her close friend Amber Coffman took over as the new guitar player. The style of instrumental rock they play is sometimes referred to as math rock, which is characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures, stop/start dynamics and angular, dissonant riffs.




Sleeping People is about to get down to the Rhâââ Lovely for its first Belgian gig ever on its very first European tour. No excuse to miss that, honey!



-) 2005: 'Sleeping People' on Temporary Residence.

Indieworkshop's point of view :

At this point the idea of instrumental indie rock with heaps of eighth or sixteenth notes, off kilter drumming, and walking bass lines is getting pretty formulaic. What started out as an interesting blending of rock and jazz has turned into the scene's retarded stepchild. With so many bands barrowing or tweaking the sound from the band before them, the incest was bound to catch up with us at a certain point. And judging from the last year or so of releases in this genre, it looks like we've run head long into the barren wasteland of ‘sameness'. Who would have thought that a sound that utilizes so many finger tapped notes would end up sounding so alike?

So you guessed, Sleeping People operate in this greater field. But instead of pumping out regurgitated ideas, this San Diego four piece breathes new life into a dying sound. With light but complex arrangements, Sleeping People take a genre that was already known for blurring lines and pushes it even further.

The style has always been cited with words like "post-rock" and the dreaded "math-rock", and it was never out of character for someone to drop a "jazz" on these bands, but these guys seem to bring a few other words to mind. For one, the inclusion of well timed breakdowns. Now of course I don't mean breakdown in the hardcore sense of the word, but rather, well-timed passages where all the complexity comes together in one driving, head-nodding groove. For as much as this scene is supposedly derived from rock, this happens surprisingly little. And it's a refreshing take to have everything resolve, if only for a moment, into a moment of clarity.

But it's not just the resolution that sets these four guys apart. Each song mixes beautiful and delicate patterns of guitar work with a strong, forceful rhythm section, which in and of itself is pretty indicative of the genre. But somehow a different spin is put on it, and they have made it seem new again. I guess it's because they seem to have the ability to stay away from the usual pitfalls. Sometimes relying on guitar noodling to carry a passage, sometimes using a slightly shifting pattern, but always being aware never to overstay the welcome of any one riff, the music keeps you looking forward instead of looking back on "that one great riff a few songs back".

The album is tight and concise with seven songs in little more than a half an hour. But that's the way Sleeping People seem to work. Each song is tightly wound, creating beauty and tension at every turn. In a scene that has become increasingly stale, Sleeping People give me hope that not all the ideas floating around are just haphazard patchworks of other ideas. This is something to get excited about.

Jake Haselman - website.



-) 2007: 'Growing' on Temporary Residence.

Prog Archives's point of view :

Exciting, guitar-based math rock quartet that spiral and twist their way through a heavy progressive universe that has only just begun to expand, pushing its way through the post-prog throngs. Representing the San Diego brand of math rock, this pair of guitars, bass, and drums whack it up something mean and give the giants of this style, like Don Caballero, a run for their money with notably high musicianship, fresh ideas in the arithmetic of hard knocks, and a heated pace that is hard to follow.

Also in evidence is a stiff shot of King Crimson which gives them a more varied pallete, though this influence should not be over-estimated and is more conceptual than derivative-- these four young musicians stand rather firmly in a math rock camp and represent the flowering of this kinetic, sometimes frantic musical style, deceptive in its honesty and played with the passion of garage music but the contemplative brow of Prog. A real winner

Atavachron - website.




-) Yellow Guy / Pink Eye, from Growing
-) Blue Fly Green Fly , from Sleeping People.



Live @ The Smell, Los Angeles

Fade To Black/Blue Fly Green Fly, live @ Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco

Johnny Depp, live @ the Paradox



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