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Mutiny On The Bounty, popped up out of the ashes of Actarus, Ganesha, Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow and Tiger Fernandez, had already quite a lot of experience when they created the band in April 2004. Screamo roots powered by math-rock’s abrasive guitars, balanced by ultra melodic counter tempos, and sing/scream vocals. Unlike so many bands from their style, heavy moods are justified and are bridged in naturally throughout the songs. Mutiny on the Bounty is the answer to a style that sometimes seems to be turning in circles.




Mutiny On The Bounty is always happy to play so the guys try to appear on stage as often as possible. That’s how they have already played with some famous bands like Pelican, 31Knots, Red Sparowes, Honey For Petzi, 65daysofstatic, Efterklang, Unwed Sailor, Sometree, Scrapes Of Tapes,… Mutiny On The Bounty has so much talent that should finally show the entire world that Luxembourg is not an isolated island, but a boiling crucible of young emerging talents.




The first LP of the band will counts 10 tracks and should be released in early 2008. You may find it at the merchandising stand this 29th of march. While waiting you can listen (again and again) to some tracks of their split CD with Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow released in 2005 on myspace.



-) 2005 : split CD with The Treasure Chest At The End Of The Rainbow (New Romance For Kids Records).

Mashnote's point of view :

"Mutiny On The Bounty sound a little more 'aggressive' than TCATEOTR: they mix up melodic parts with screamo moments. MOTB plays more intricate but shorter songs: innovating guitar parts and less straight-forward song structures. They kick off with a raging, chaotic song that sets the score for the rest of MOTB. Unconventional, emotional and still digestible. Like it should be! This split is a great piece of music that points out that Luxembourg is a boiling music place full of talent."

Mashnote - site.




You can listen to a few tracks on their myspace.



-) Official site.
-) Myspace.
-) New Romance For Kids Records.