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Well, since post-rock is now a sub-genre in progressive rock, MAGYAR POSSE should undeniably fit in. While their style doesn't directly resemble any other post-rock group, they have that certain "sound" that only groups from that genre have.




Formed out of the ashes of THE ALIBI OF CARLOS in 2001, MAGYAR POSSE are actually the main post-something group in Finland, but what a group it is! When talking about similar bands, you could draw comparisons to GY!BE, SIGUR ROS and TORTOISE, but that would not be sufficient in describing their sound. They are also heavily influenced by Ennio Morricone's music, and there's definitely a movie soundtrack feel in many of their tracks. Also, note that some of the band members were huge krautrock fans and that does show when listening to their hypnotic grooves in tracks like "Lufthan".




MAGYAR POSSE have released three albums by now, "We Will Carry You Over The Mountains" was already a solid and refreshing debut, their highly acclaimed second album "Kings Of Time" - which was voted "album of the year" (2004) by many different sources in the Finnish music press, only to be topped by "Random Avenger" released in 2006. All are recommended.



-) 2002 : 'We Will Carry You Over The Mountains' on Verdura Records.

Prog Archive's point of view:

This band from Finland makes a very interesting music; their sound is really unique. I personally found better their second album, but this album it’s an excellent debut for this new post rock band.

The band develops a new sound for the post rock scene; their Influences could we the Morricone’s music and maybe a little from Explosions in the sky but certainly they sound fresh and the comparisons are away from what they really are. In this album they use more the guitar effects and the violin don’t play the principal role (like in the next album) but make some beautiful textures and Adornments.

We Will Carry You over the Mountains sometimes sound a little hypnotic and surrounding like in “Pacific Ocean / Death In The Desert”, “The endless cycle of violence” and also could sound dark like in” witchcraft”. The last track it’s an amazing piece of soft and encouraging music, and closes perfectly the album. The music is all instrumental but transmits effectively the emotions and feelings they try to produce. There are not Weak points here the whole album could be listened as an entity.

Harri Sippola one of the guitar player makes a very good and interesting sound, sometimes he use the guitar to improve the sound, making solos and effects like all the post rock have. The keyboards complement the Atmosphere and give the hypnotic feel in some tracks but it never becoming annoying.

In general Magyar posse found a very interesting and unique sound to improve the experimental/post rock scene and also to considered one of the best in this sub-genre (needs more attention, and Recognition) and this is only the beginning I think, their second album it’s even more beautiful and more Sophisticated. I have too many hopes in this band and think if they keep and improve their sound they will have in the future a true and more intelligent music Development.

4 stars excellent addition to any Experimental/post rock music collection.

Bamba - site.



-) 2004 : 'Kings of Time' on Verdura Records.

Prog Archive's point of view:

“Kings of time” sounds more mature and more sophisticated, but at the same time more aggressive and Dynamical, the songs are more interrelated and the album feels more like an entity. The music has moments of Peace and Serenity Inserted with the powerful and aggressive ones because of this the overall feeling turns always in two directions that make you perceive the dynamical changes.

The tracks have no name and it’s kind of boring but I don’t really care about this. In the previous album the violin doesn’t sound too much just in some moments but here they use this instrument with more Intelligence and Capacity. The pieces last longer and they use more ambient passages to give the song a more intricate feeling. There are some vocals (like in the first piece) but only in few tracks, the whole album it’s again instrumental. Some people says that its boring because they don’t sing but I think they express better the feelings they have when they record this. The guitarist “Harri Sippola” is truly inspired and also Sandra Mahlamäki is in her best condition The keyboards sounds more like a grand piano but in some passages they make strange sounds that enrich the music.

They made a 10 minute song and I think it’s the best because it have all the things I mentioned before and sometimes sounds a little bit jazzy but Unexpectedly they start to whistle like in a old west movie (maybe because they love morricone’s music) really amazing; this piece in particular sounds very Powerful and Inspiring. To slow down the emotions the next track it’s more soft and nostalgic really beautiful piece. Other beautiful song it’s the fourth track with an excellent violin Interpretation and some guitar effects that connects to the next track and make it like if where only one piece, really amazing.

Magyar posse really have developed a new sound here they keep searching for new things like in the first album and they probably reach their peak in the next album (I hope). The post rock its always being renewed and Magyar Posse surely helps to the progression of the subgenre because of this I can say that they need more attention.

4.5 star’s almost a masterpiece, excellent addition to any experimental/post rock collection and a must for all the subgenre lovers and Enthusiasts.

Bamba - site.



-) 2006 : 'Random Avenger' on Verdura Records.

Prog Archive's point of view:

Whoa! What happened here? This doesn't sound like the same Magyar Posse I heard in Kings of Time...

This is yet another album that bends and breaks the usual traditions post-rock (I better stop saying that) and it's no wonder it got highly praised around the net often considered one of the best post-rock albums of 2006.

Where as Kings of Time was more of a mood album with dark atmospheres and being very cinematic and powerful, Random Avenger bares no resemblance to it. For starters this album is more concrete in its sound leaving little to no space for electronic or ambient fills. The keyboards are more in front as well and sometimes reminds me a lot to TERRY RILEY or STEVE REICH's early recordings. In fact, this album blends flawlessly the rigid and cerebral minimalist music with the theatrical and emotional music of post-rock (imagine Reich's works filled with emotions and a sense of grandiosity and post-rock with the punch and discipline of minimalist composers in the 70's). This combination may look a bit weird in paper, but in the music all just seems to glue together and take shape. The guitars, violins and vocals are, as always, in top shape and perfectly blended with their sound.

The mood of the album is tense. The tittle of the first song, "Whirlpool of Terror and Tension" can be a nice representation of their sound in this album. It isn't aggressive, per se, but it isn't something that one would put before sleeping. It always keeps you in the edge of your sit from the start of the album until the very end. Luckily there are shorter songs in between the more frantic ones that softens the journey and calms your nerves while still being highly enjoyable.

While not sounding "epic" like Godspeed You! Black Emperor or Yndi Halda it can easily rival both bands in the cinematic department. The usual Magyar Posse female wordless vocals are definitely a mayor factor on this and they also give more dynamic to their music (as if their new sound wasn't enough). I really like the overall feel of the album and it wouldn't sound out of place in a post-apocalyptic themed movie or something similar. Although Kings of Time may also fit in a movie like that, Random Avenger takes a totally different direction as mentioned earlier.

I've never been good with words and honestly this album is one of the hardest albums I've tried to explain. Fans of minimalism will definitely enjoy this (I know I did) and post-rock fans will have a new toy to play with. Highly recommended.

Chamberry - site.




A lot of tracks are to be downloaded here.

Whirlpool of Terror & Tension, from Random avender
Sudeen Death, from Random Avenger



Rehearsal with Chinese post-rock band Cold Fairyland in YuYinTang, Shangaï (China, 2007)

The Whirlpool of Terror and Tension (at Las Palmas Films, 2006)



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