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Thomas (guitar/vocal) and Gilou (drums/vocal) both playing in Volt Voice wanted to create a guitar/drums duo. There is nothing crazy in this idea until they put their project in concrete form. Graffen Völder was born in September 2006, their “official” biography is representative of the spirit which motivates the band: “Created in Augustus 2006 in a bunker. Caporal Graffen and Sergeant Völder have taken up arms, cannons and baïonnettes, to rescue you from your daily constipation. Naked, raw, sado-sadist, perverse, bloody-crazy, scraped Larsen.” Short, sharp and, whatever you can say, quite precise. You understand, those two guys are a bit crazy but what’s better than craziness to inspire good music? Nothing, not even absinthe which was so appreciated by Vincent Van Gogh.




Is the sergeant Völder, hierarchically superior, embodied by Thomas or Gilou? Which one of them leads the music composition, chooses the beer brand or decides of the playlist? Discuss it with them drinking a Troublette they will be happy to put you on the way. Don’t be afraid of them they are kind. Whatever they are more than likely guilty of this wave of sweat vacillating between pure energy and well-thought composition. Graffen Völder’s music is possessed by an impulsive and convulsive attitude mixed with maths.




Lately their performance at a festival organised in Metz by Le Singe Blanc, “L’entonnoir Insomniaque” was really appreciated by the local public. Their show won’t go unnoticed at the Rhâââ lovely festival either.



A few tracks are available on their myspace.



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