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More or less descended from the band Playtoy from Andenne, El Dinah was born in 2005. The trio is Oli (guitar/ vocal), Geoffrey (bass/ piano/ vocal) and Jean (drums/ vocal). They began their experience while studying in Liège. It is there, after a (short) year of composing and training that they first performed in 2006 at the Zone/ “LA Zone” and then at the Carlo Levi, famous places of the rock stage in Liège; soon afterwards, they began to export their music to France or Luxembourg.




Mainly influenced by bands like Quetzal, Engine-down, Sleepytime-trio, Shellac, 31 Knots, Yage, The Mars Volta or The Redneck Manifesto, El Dinah is a well-inspired math-rock/ emocore band which will delight the aficionados of the kind as well as the most reticent ones. Actually they give off so much energy on stage that it is impossible to doubt their true devotion to communicate their stage pleasure.




Not only playing music, the members of El Dinah take also part in the organization of the MJAM festival in Evelette. The MJAM is a three- year- old festival which has already welcomed 65daysofstatics, Mutiny On The Bounty, Sometree or Sweek. Lately entered into the indie collective Honest House, El Dinah has just released their first 6 tracks EP, Esperanto, recorded by Gilou who is, by the way, the drummer of another band of the collective, Volt Voice, but also the the rhythmical devil of Graffen Völder which will be at El Dinah’s side for this 9th Rhâââ lovely Festival.



-) 2007 : 'Esperanto' (self-released).




A few tracks and a video can be downloaded on their myspace.



-) myspace.
-) Honest House.
-) MJAM festival.