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the cj boyd sexxxtet (us) _ 19h00 _ room
CJ Boyd could be the last of the bards. When his musical experiments become collective sometimes, the CJ Boyd Sexxxtet takes place. A bass player, four or five violoncellists, a percussionist, a kind of chamber music orchestra devoted to an obsession: music and sexuality are inextricably dependent. It seems that the message spreads beyond the stage. What a program!

cupp cave (b) _ 14h30 _ room
Consciously tortured by the entanglement of a sharp sensibility and an incredible creative potential, as a hypochondriac child terrorized by the possibility of an alien attack, Cupp Cave reveals itself in the ordinary madness of our times. His loud destructured beats would be common in a world where Madlib would play Game Boy watching Starsky & Hutch and eating tomato crisps. $$FRESH$$

dead meadow (us) _ 00h15 _ room
Founded in 1998, the Washington natives Dead Meadow are for many music lovers (including the late John Peel) the glorious incarnation of the psychedelic revival. While largely having assimilated and digested the essence of the mystical rock'n'roll of the Sixties and Seventies, they build up a confirmed, original and very creative personality. On stage as on discs, the trio remains fascinating with complex and addictive songs.

el dinah (b) _ 16h40 _ tent
Mainly influenced by bands like Quetzal, Engine-down, Sleepytime-trio, Shellac, 31 Knots, Yage, The Mars Volta or The Redneck Manifesto, El Dinah is a well-inspired math-rock/ emocore band which will delight the aficionados of the kind as well as the most reticent ones.

enablers (us) _ 22h25 _ room
The San Francisco quartet Enablers writes songs that are equally manipulative and encouraging to our darkest desires. The band made up of journeyman veterans of Swans, Tarnation, Nice Strong Arm and Toiling Midgets merges dramatic and flowing melodic soundscapes with the visceral spoken narratives of underground literary veteran Pete Simonelli. It's musically reminiscent of the dynamics of Slint and the raw neo-beat intellect of the West Coast.

graffen völder (b) _ 15h10 _ tent
Created in Augustus 2006 in a bunker. Caporal Graffen and Sergeant Völder have taken up arms, cannons and baďonnettes, to rescue you from your daily constipation. Naked, raw, sado-sadist, perverse, bloody-crazy, scraped Larsen.

magyar posse (fin) _ 23h20 _ tent
Formed out of the ashes of the Alibi of Carlos in 2001, Magyar Posse are actually the main post-something group of Finland, but what a band! When talking about similar sounds, you could draw comparisons to GY!BE, Sigur Ros and Tortoise, but that would not be sufficient in describing their music. They are also heavily influenced by Ennio Morricone's music, and there's definitely a movie soundtrack feel in many of their tracks.

mutiny on the bounty (lux) _ 18h10 _ tent
Screamo roots powered by math-rock’s abrasive guitars, balanced by ultra melodic counter tempos, and sing/scream vocals. Unlike so many bands from their style, heavy moods are justified and are bridged in naturally throughout the songs. Mutiny on the Bounty is the answer to a style that sometimes seems to be turning in circles.

rien (f) _ 17h20 _ room
Tasty and indefinable mixture of tormenting and promising atmospheres at the same time, the Grenoble-native group RIEN creates music with cinematographic dimensions, throbbing and absurd poetry. An insane collective energy dedicated to an unsafe beauty!

rockettothesky (nor) _ 15h50 _ room
Rockettothesky, alias the Norwegian Jenny Hval, is a virtuoso vocalist who transforms her little tales into minimalist pop-song leading to the stars and reaching new sound and emotional territories. She received rave reviews with her first LP “To Sing You Apple Trees”. The critics sounded like they’d never heard anything like it: poetry, philosophy and rampant sexuality set in space. The female Ziggy Stardust perhaps, said Gerald Casale of Devo.

sleeping people (us) _ 20h40 _ room
Sleeping People is an instrumental math-rock band from San Diego, California, formed in early 2002 and currently signed to Temporary Residence Limited. Their music is characterized by complex, atypical rhythmic structures, stop/start dynamics and angular, dissonant riffs. The band is about to get down to the Rhâââ Lovely for its first Belgian gig ever on its very first European tour. No excuse to miss that, honey!

stinky squirrels (b) _ 01h00 _ room
These two Belgians, concert surveyors, mix rock'n'roll in all its forms: surf, punk, rock, grunge, metal. The two folks mix one after another, improvising and losing control all the time! Be prepared to some goddamn rock'n' roll discharge!

this will destroy you (us) _ 19h50 _ tent
Much like Explosions in the Sky and Mono, the Texas natives This Will Destroy You use their instruments expertly to create a brooding anxiety that threatens to erupt at any moment. Within not much than one year they went from local heroes to international darlings. With their first eponymous LP released this year, TWDY have now proven themselves to be premier post-rock proponents in their own right.

youthmovies (uk) _ 21h30 _ tent
Described as one of the most unpredictable bands in the UK, Youthmovies manage to create a frenetic sound comprised of math rock rhythms, prog rock experimentation, distorted guitars, and blasts of horn. Veering from Radiohead style melancholic meanderings to brutal dischordant riffing, this is how rock music should be – exciting, edgy, raw yet controlled, passionate and emotive. Youthmovies also established itself as a unique live act.