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Formed in the spring of 1997, with Crawford Blair and Jon Meade, the group had 3 albums released on Jon Tye’s Lo Recordings, culminating in the live album ‘Not Gone. Not Forgotten.’

Along with singles and EP’s released on labels such as Livid Meerkat, Narwhal, Foundry, Kraak [Belgium] and Zeal Records [Belgium], there was also the 7 track mini-album ’In The Pulse Of An Artery‘ on Simon Raymonde’s Bella Union label as part of Bella’s ‘7 Series’ set of releases.

In June 2001, founder member of the group Mark Beazley disbanded the original line-up but decided to carry on the Rothko name.




His first release after taking things out on his own was his collaboration with Japanese ambient master Susumu Yokota, titled ‘Waters Edge’, a 12" only EP, also on Lo Recordings.

In the winter of 2001, a deal with Too Pure Records was signed and, with the help of the group Delicate AWOL, the album ‘A Continual Search For Origins’ based on Marks' travels around Switzerland, was recorded, and released on Too Pure in June 2002, preceded by the 7" single ‘Red Cells’/‘White Cells.’

In the summer of 2003, Mark started his own label, Trace Recordings. The first release on Trace was the critically acclaimed album ‘Wish For A World Without Hurt’ which was released in September 2003. The album was a collaboration with Washington DC based sound and visual artist, JS (Jim) Adams, otherwise known as BLK w/BEAR.




March 2005 sees Mark team up with Caroline Ross, of Delicate Awol, on the new album, Rothko and Caroline Ross - ‘A Place Between’ - which is on the Lo Recordings label.

2005 also saw the release of Mark's second collaboration with Susumu Yokota, the album 'Distant Sounds Of Summer' on Lo Recordings.

2006 saw the release of the first Rothko single since 2001's Red Cells, the 3 track CD single 'A Personal Account Of Conflict' on new UK label, Bad Hand.

In September 2006 the band finished their new album 'Eleven Stages Of Intervention' which is scheduled for an April 2007 release on the Bip_Hop label from France.



-) 1999 : 'A Negative For Francis' on Lo Recordings.



-) 2000 : 'Forty Years To Find A Voice' on Lo Recordings.



-) 2001 : 'In The Pulse Of An Artery' on Bella Union.



-) 2001 : 'Not Gone, Not Forgotten' on Lo Recordings.



-) 2002 : 'A Continual Search For Origins' on Too Pure.



-) 2002 : 'New Found Land' (with Yellow6 and Landing) on Music Fellowship.



-) 2003 : 'Wish For A World Without Hurt' (with BLK W/Bear) on Trace Recordings.



-) 2005 : 'A Place Between' (with Caroline Ross) on Lo Recordings.

Textura's point of view:

Mark Beazley (aka Rothko) weaves a powerful spell on A Place Between using … bass? Yes, bass is the album's primary instrument (in fact Rothko began in 1997 as a bass trio before disbanding in 2001, leaving Beazley the sole member), a fact immediately served notice with the pulsating bass duet drifting through the opener “Traces of Elements.” But the album's other major instrument soon joins in, namely Caroline Ross's intimate voice, thereby offering a humanizing counter to the steely, stark pluck of the bass. They're not the only instruments, however: Ross plays guitar (acoustic and electric guitars) and flute, and an elegant piano backs her relaxed utterance on “Divided Lines.”

Given that the album's minimal palette could translate into one-dimensionality, how is interest sustained? With contrast, that's how: compare the different songwriting styles of “Parts Per Million,” a gentle instrumental of flute, acoustic guitar, and bass, to “Light in A Dark Place,” a spoken word setting. “Bow” adopts an episodic approach, opening with an introduction that spotlights the howl of a harmonica; in the second section, Beazley takes over with a bass duet and in the third his acoustic bass backs Ross's fragile vocal. The album's dreamier side comes forth in “The Only Way Out Is Through” and “An Open Breath” but most strongly in “The Northern Lights Are Out” where delicate sprinklings of piano and bass coalesce into a placid ambient setting while Ross's whispered “look, look” hovers like a ghostly mantra. Bolstering that contrast, Beazley's approach to the instrument is multi-varied; sometimes his bass lines attack aggressively (“Divided Lines”) while at other times they're more of a subliminal, rumbling presence, the material's deep undercurrent.




-) 2005 : 'Distant Sounds Of Summer' (with Susumu Yakota) on Lo Recordings.



-) 2006 : 'A Personal Account Of Conflict' on Bad Hand Records.



-) 2007 : 'Eleven Stages Of Intervention' on Bip_Hop.



You can listen to a few tracks on the Myspace page of the band.



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