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a whisper in the noise (us)
A dramatic and dark sense of loneliness, emptiness and intimacy are reflected within the 10 tracks of "As The Blue Bird Sings", A Whisper In The Noise last album. It is ripe with purity and emotion. Sharings musical categorization with bands such as Black Heart Procession, Red Sparowes, GYBE!, Low and Sigur Ros, AWITN have toured the UK with Shellac and Mogwai and were greatly received at All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in Europe. They'll be in Continental Europe for the first time and play an exclusive gig at your favourite festival!

arnaud michniak (f)
Singer in Diabologum in the nineties, then in Programme, Arnaud Michniak is now taking it on a solo project, called "Poing perdu" ("Stray Punch") and that forces rock, hip hop and electronic music further back against the wall. His new project, "films/slams/sons", that will be presented exclusively at the Rh Lovely, will mix live music and poetry taken from "Poing perdu" and excerpts from movies Michniak directed with his new collective, "Appelle a comme tu veux" ("Call that whatever you want").

audrey (sw)
Describing Audrey's music is no easy task, but if the group has succeeded in finding a central theme, it's in the balance in the melodies - shimmering, beautiful moments of pop meet dark sadness. Here, straightforward, conventional narrative is replaced by abstract meanings which strengthen the melodies to form sky cristals only nordic weather can produce. For an exclusive change of surroundings in the Rh Lovely countryside.

bracken (uk)
Bracken is a musical project spinning in a loose and illdefined orbit around founder member Chris Adams (Hood). When asked about the musical ambition driving the Bracken project, the answers are typically obscure, "I decided to make a one-off piece of music with the brief that it had to sound exactly like a pop band being frozen solid and then shattered into a million pieces ... and then the next thing I know I've gone and started a whole new band." For the first time in Belgium!

crippled black phoenix (uk)
Born from a blizzard of horned cats, Crippled Black Phoenix (with members of Electric Wizard, Mogwai, Pantheist and produced by Geoff Barrow - Portishead) bring you a twisted cinematic experience, handcrafted by a mercenary crew of underground heavyweights, giving depth and gravity to regal songs about love, loss, tragedies and redemption. Exclusive gig and presentation of the album. Would you ask for more?

frank shinobi (b)
Disciple of great Masters such as "31 Knots" and "The Redneck Manifesto", Frank Shinobi goes on training on the remote lands of his subconscious... unless he is haunting yours! Be on your guards! He might surprise you.

k-branding (b)
The first goal of this trio is to combine the freedom of improvised music and the violence of punk and noise music. After a while, effects take much place and the music becomes more experimental. The colour of K-Branding is now found : a mix of free jazz, noise, no-wave, soundtracks, ...

the matt elliott foundation (uk)
Matt Elliott is an historical figure in electronic music. Originally from Bristol, UK, he started out with the Flying Saucer Attack project and AMP among others. But why the hell telling you all this since Matt will rather make you dance thanks to a hot-and-dirty DJ set? (probably accompanied by Chris Adams who is passing by - see Bracken) Simply cause he's well worth it!

milenasong (d)
It is perhaps no wonder that the music of Berlin-based Milenasong is very visual as the lady is a former student of illustration. She actually almost paints with patchworks of sound and the result of this painterly pattern-making are intimate songs that mix singer-songwriter ballads with otherworldly soundscapes of ambient college and watercolor vocals. And still another artist to present exclusively her new album at the Rh Lovely (well, it seems to me you're getting a little spoiled, aren't you?)

part chimp (uk)
In this age where bands smash guitars on stage in lieu of actual performance acumen, it's good to know that Part Chimp are here to pick up where others have left off. And no matter how loud you turn "I Am Come" (their latest album they will present at the Rh Lovely), it will always come out as majestic. Welcome back, fellas. C'mon in. Bring back the sound. Henry H Owings/Chunklet Magazine April 2005

pelican (us)
Levying cinematic melody upon glacial heaviness, Pelican achieves the sort of inevitability usually reserved for weather systems and natural disasters. Channeling the seasonal progressions of various far-flung landscapes, the sounds of Pelican are easily adaptable to both the active and passive listening experience, but their harmonic minutiae are best appreciated in a high-volume stereophonic headphone scenario. A new album is on its way and new tracks are awaited to be played at the Rh Lovely.

pentark (b)
"Alongside the variations, this trio increases the tension while a kind of musical rage deeply penetrates the listener. At the climax, Pentark spreads out in a sonorous and sensual bursting which can be thought of as an orgasm. Pentark is thus rock, jazz, but also, in some ways, trance; a cerebral and intuitive music which, through the neurons, wishes to touch the soul and make it burst in a discharge of electric and sexual energy." - Pit (Code 314)

rothko (uk)
Rothko is definitely one of the pionneer projects of the post-rock/ambient scene. After line-up changes and multiple collaborations, Mark Beazley now works on his own in the independant galaxy. Contemplative and sereine on album, Rothko's music grows into a more vivid and electronic atmosphere on stage. The band will present "Eleven Stages of Intervention", their new album, excusively (this time it's the last exclusive gig for the year, we swear it!) at the Rh Lovely. To (re-) discover asap.

yndi halda (uk)
With only one self produced EP, "Enjoy Eternal Bliss" (translation into English of the band name), published in 2005, and two tours of the country, Yndi Halda has quickly become one of the most interesting English post-rock bands that have made the high lights of blogs and magazines for some years now (65daysofstatic, Redjetson, iLiKETRAiNS, The Monroe Transfer, Workhouse, etc) They were even granted the title of "band to follow in 2007" by the famous Rock Sound.